Plan 211 Student Team Awarded 3rd Place at HUBBUB


PLAN 211 Student Team Awarded 3rd Place at HUBBUB

Team ‘Alley RRRATs’ from PLAN 211 was awarded with 3rd place—among 19 other student groups from UBC, SFU, BCIT, Langara, and Emily Carr—at the 13th HUBBUB event on Friday December 6th 2019.

Held biannually at Vancouver City Hall, HUBBUB is organized by CityStudio Vancouver as a showcase event featuring student-created innovative solutions derived through coursework and in collaboration with the City of Vancouver.


Amplifying Impact: The Legacy of the Becky Tarbotton Memorial Scholarship


Becky Tarbotton was never solely driven by academics or getting top marks – not even while she was completing her Master’s at SCARP.

Becky Tarbotton

Becky Tarbotton was a remarkable SCARP student, a highly
successful alumna and a passionate champion of environmental and
social justice. She passed away in 2012 at the age of 39.

Nevertheless, it was her commitment to activism and making the world a better place that led Becky to become the...

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