SCARP Fall 2021 Graduates!

Congratulations to all our SCARP FALL 2021 Graduates!
We're glad we can celebrate this with you live. 
2021 required of each of you innovation, perseverence, and unique spirit. You made of this challenge just another chance to prove your excellence.
We promise you: this is just the beginning of your adventure!


Our Illustrious Graduates



This month we gave our sincere congratulations and well-wishes to SCARP's Spring 2022 graduates. We have been inspired by the wisdom they've given to us and to the community already.

To our graduates:

Despite the special challenges throughout your programs, the innovations necessary during the pandemic, we have been so fortunate to at last celebrate with you in-person. 

Now that you've graduated, welcome to alumni life! This isn't goodbye! This is the next stage of your SCARP journey, and your journey in the world of planning! You remain and shall always remain a member of the SCARP community, and we hope to share wisdom, opportunities, and stories in the years to come. 

In SCARP, and in life, we can...

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