Jordan Brown aids Housing Approvals Study

Second year Masters of Community and Regional Planning student Jordan Brown has completed research on best practices and discrepancies for residential building approvals across municipalities in Metro Vancouver. By comparing permit costs and times, Jordan helped identify recommendations, such as pre-zoning and online approval systems, for local governments to implement in order to unlock housing supply through the creation of infill housing.

Neal Abbott's West End parking research makes news

Sharing extra spots could ease West End parking woes featured a UBC study that examines how renting out parking spots can help with Vancouver’s parking shortage in the West End.

Neal Abbott, who conducted the research for his master’s program at UBC’s school of community and regional planning, found that 46 of the area’s 600-plus residential properties have at least 3,700 vacant parking stalls altogether.

Jeremy Stone and the Issue of Retail Gentrification

Business in Vancouver on Roundhouse Radio featured an interview with Jeremy Stone, a PhD candidate from UBC’s school of community and regional planning.

Stone discusses the issue of retail gentrification, the phenomenon which involves the displacement of people that can occur with a rapid changeover in the types of businesses in an area.

The segment starts at 8:30.


Roundhouse Radio


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