Jeremy Stone and the Issue of Retail Gentrification

Business in Vancouver on Roundhouse Radio featured an interview with Jeremy Stone, a PhD candidate from UBC’s school of community and regional planning.

Stone discusses the issue of retail gentrification, the phenomenon which involves the displacement of people that can occur with a rapid changeover in the types of businesses in an area.

The segment starts at 8:30.


Roundhouse Radio

Philippines Studio Project Recognized by the APA

SCARP's Philippines Studio Project has been selected as the winner of a 2016 AICP Student Project Award.  The project “Climate Change Adaption Planning in Bulacan Philippines” was chosen from a 'very competitive group' according to Monidca Groh of the American Planning Association. In an email to student Aaron Lao and past PSA President, George Benson, she went on to commend the students on their hard work. 


The full results are as follows:

Application of the Planning Process (graduate): Portland State University


SCARP's students were part of the Canadian delegation to Habitat III, an international United Nations Conference held in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016. Their report to the federal government is attached.

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