Larry Frank partners with VCH for new study

Health and Economic Benefits of a Walkable Urban Form - Dr. Lawrence Frank and the Health and Community Design Lab at UBC were awarded a grant jointly funded by the Real Estate Foundation of BC, City of Vancouver, Translink, and METRO Vancouver to evaluate chronic disease, social capital, mental health, and physical activity impacts of the built, natural, and social environment.  This work will be conducted in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and will link their My Health My Community Survey of 33,000 respondents with the parcel level walkability and regional accessibility databases housed in the Health and Community Design lab. It will include a detailed outreach program co–led by Rob Barrs with MODUS which will include focus groups on end user groups to understand how to package and disseminate the information generated by the study.  This project leverages an already funded novel study Dr. Frank has with Canada Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) which for the first time will ever directly measures health care utilization and cost relationships with land use and transportation investment decisions - or degrees of walkability.  The Mayor’s Council at METRO Vancouver in September voted in unanimous support of the study and explicitly to engage Provincial and federal funding partners.