Jordi Honey-Roses Releases New Book on Barcelona's Drinking Water Supply

The book Rivers of Salt, co-authored by SCARP faculty member Jordi Honey-Rosés, was presented to the public on July 13th, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Rivers of Salt is an environmental history of the Llobregat and Cardener Rivers in the Spanish region of Catalonia. These rivers provide a large share of the drinking water for the capital city of Barcelona and the surrounding metropolitan region.


Penny Gurstein: We need data on who is buying homes in Metro Vancouver

“Give us data” rally calls on governments to research home buyers

An affordable housing rally called on governments to research who is buying homes in Metro Vancouver.

Having the data will help bring solutions to what many call a crisis, says UBC planning professor Penny Gurstein.

“[Having the data] it makes it very obvious what the issue is, so you identify the issues, and you try and actually make policies and programs that address those issues,” Gurstein said.

News 1130

Banning Cars in Downtown Vancouver Could Work

SCARP Professor Larry Frank thinks that banning cars in downtown Vancouver on Saturdays, as is done in Amsterdam, would encourage pedestrian and cyclist traffic and reduce congestion. An article in the online news service, News 1130 talks about Dr. Frank's idea that Granville and Robson streets would benefit from days without cars.

News 1130

Tue Apr 21 2015
By: Joanne Abshire
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Urban planners and SCARP faculty speak out against diminishing respect for city planning in Vancouver

A group of local urban planners and members of the School of Community and Regional Planning have written a public letter expressing their concern relating "...to both the need for an overall planning framework for the city but also many individual project approvals which ignore long held planning values about the need for new developments to fit in with their surroundings.” Articles in the Vancouver Courier and Georgia Straight newspapers explore the criticisms levelled at the City by the group.

Vancouver Courier

Penny Gurstein - Vancouver Sun OpEd on Planning for Vancouver Growth

Dr. Penny Gurstein, Director of the School of Community and Regional Planning, has written an OpEd piece in the Vancouver Sun about a new plan for the city as a fair and just community for all of its citizens.


Ranked near the worst in Canada for home ownership affordability and vacancy rates as well as commercial rents for small businesses, it's time to focus on social sustainability.






Professors Susan and Norman Fainstein will be speaking at a lunch seminar at
UBC on Friday 6 Mar 2020, 12.30-2.30pm

This event is hosted by the Centre for Southeast Asian Research at the
UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs.

March 6, 202012.30-2.30 PM
Room 120, CK Choi Building, West Mall, UBC
rsvp: https://forms.gle/K6HPgkwSRVczF8oa7




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