Leonie Sandercock Gives Moving Acceptance Speech

Professor Leonie Sandercock was presented with the Distinguished Planning Educator Award by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning at their recent conference in Houston, Texas. Her moving acceptance speech bears repeating.


Just when I was in danger of becoming a really cranky old lady, I got this email from June Thomas telling me I had won this award.


What an honor to be in such distinguished company.


Housing crisis in Vancouver ignored by election candidates

Penny Gurstein notes that there is a housing crisis in Vancouver but according to a survey the federal election candidates have not addressed it in their campaigns.

The next federal government should promote the construction of rental buildings and get involved in building affordable housing. Government should also get back to offering subsidies for co-operatives.

 Read the Vancouver Sun article.

Jeff Cook Receives Project of the Year and Award for Indigenous Engagement

ICP Instructor Jeff Cook is a 2015 IAP2 Canada Core Values Award Winner for Project of the Year and Award for Indigenous Engagement.

Through his company, Beringia Community Planning Jeff worked with the Pikangikum First Nation and Health Authority in a transformative 3-year process to develop a community health plan. According to the judges: this project is "an incredible example of the power of a strength-based approach to working with people and communities." The full information for the project is attached.

Jordi Honey-Roses Releases New Book on Barcelona's Drinking Water Supply

The book Rivers of Salt, co-authored by SCARP faculty member Jordi Honey-Rosés, was presented to the public on July 13th, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. Rivers of Salt is an environmental history of the Llobregat and Cardener Rivers in the Spanish region of Catalonia. These rivers provide a large share of the drinking water for the capital city of Barcelona and the surrounding metropolitan region.


Penny Gurstein: We need data on who is buying homes in Metro Vancouver

“Give us data” rally calls on governments to research home buyers

An affordable housing rally called on governments to research who is buying homes in Metro Vancouver.

Having the data will help bring solutions to what many call a crisis, says UBC planning professor Penny Gurstein.

“[Having the data] it makes it very obvious what the issue is, so you identify the issues, and you try and actually make policies and programs that address those issues,” Gurstein said.

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Most Metro Vancouver councillors support mandatory water metering

While few households in Metro Vancouver have water meters, the political will for mandatory metering is strong, according to a new survey conducted this summer by researchers at the School of Community and Regional Planning of the University of British Columbia.

The researchers surveyed elected councillors and mayors in the region and found that 68 per cent are in favour of mandatory water metering.

In a survey of 45 elected councillors and mayors in the region, they found 68 per cent were in favour of mandatory water metering, with the rest being opposed (19 per cent) or neutral (14 per cent).

“While cities such as Victoria, West Vancouver and Richmond have been able to provide a water meter to nearly all residents, much of British Columbia and many cities in Metro Vancouver are far behind national coverage rates – most cities have no water metering policy and have been hesitant to introduce water meters,” said report author Jordi Honey-Rosés, an associate professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) at UBC.

“It’s important to understand why elected officials’ might be hesitant to go forward with stronger action on water metering. Political...

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