Prof. Nora Angeles: Avoid Balkanized Multiculturalism

In the Jan. 12th issue of Embassy SCARP's Dr. Nora Angeles shows that by empowering immigrants to Canada and connecting them to their wider communities we can avoid problems felt in other countries: "...effective, well thought-out immigrant integration is a necessity for a nation built on diversity." 

READ the story:  http://www.embassynews.ca/opinion/2016/01/11/a-blueprint-for-integration-and-citizenship/48065

Penny Gurstein Suggests Incentives For More Housing

Vancouver’s hot housing market could create problems

Penny Gurstein told the Canadian Press that Vancouver’s sky-high housing prices will have serious long-term effects on the city. As families leave for the suburbs, schools with low enrollment will shut down and the city could become a type of resort city where only the rich can afford to stay.

Governments could offer incentives to build more housing and prevent properties from sitting empty, Gurstein suggested.

Housing the Syrian Refugees, Penny Gurstein talks to CBC radio

Penny Gurstein, director of UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning, talked about refugee settlement on CBC’s Early Edition. She expects the Syrians to be resettled in the more populated areas like Metro Vancouver and anticipates that they might have long-term housing struggles. B.C. Housing would be pressed to find housing for the new arrivals and non-profits would also have to step up, compounding the pressure on existing waitlists.

Setty Pendakur Defends Andy Yan's Housing Study

UBC professor emeritus Setty Pendakur defended urban planner Andy Yan’s research on real estate ownership in Vancouver.

“The methodology is correct. It is acceptable by high academic standards. (Instead of) the mayor and others indulging in name-calling about ‘racist tones,’ it is better for civilized discourse if they can suggest how they would have done this research,” Pendakur, who is a former Vancouver city councilor, told the Vancouver Sun.

Leonie Sandercock Gives Moving Acceptance Speech

Professor Leonie Sandercock was presented with the Distinguished Planning Educator Award by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning at their recent conference in Houston, Texas. Her moving acceptance speech bears repeating.


Just when I was in danger of becoming a really cranky old lady, I got this email from June Thomas telling me I had won this award.


What an honor to be in such distinguished company.



UBC Faculty of Applied Science Celebration 2019

The Faculty of Applied Science Dean’s Medal of Distinction was created in 2015 to mark the celebration of the University of British Columbia’s 100th anniversary as one of the founding Faculties of the institution. The medal serves to recognize individuals who have brought high honour to the Faculty and/or who have made longstanding or significant contributions to advance its vision, mission and mandate. Join the Faculty of Applied Science as we celebrate the many individuals whose achievements contributed to our success through the Dean’s Medal of Distinction.

Let's give Leonie Sandercock a big congratulations for achieving the Applied Science Dean's Medal of Distinction - 2019

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