New Housing Survey Generates Headlines

SCARP Director, Penny Gurstein is quoted in a recent Vancouver Province news story about a UBC survey of Metro Vancouver residents and their experience with housing. The survey shows that one in six respondents believe they have been discriminated against by landlords and many report dissatisfaction with the region’s unaffordability. Dr. Gurstein said the goal of the survey was to identify vulnerabilities in the region’s housing system and generate new policy ideas.

UBC's Map of Knowledge

Can we redraw UBC based on people intellectual interactions?

A university builds upon its people but sparkles with the interactions among them. This project aims to survey the intellectual interactions at UBC and construct UBC's Map of Knowledge.


Most Metro Vancouver councillors support mandatory water metering

While few households in Metro Vancouver have water meters, the political will for mandatory metering is strong, according to a new survey conducted this summer by researchers at the School of Community and Regional Planning of the University of British Columbia.

The researchers surveyed elected councillors and mayors in the region and found that 68 per cent are in favour of mandatory water metering.

In a survey of 45 elected councillors and mayors in the region, they found 68 per cent were in favour of mandatory water metering, with the rest being opposed (19 per cent) or neutral (14 per cent).

“While cities such as Victoria, West Vancouver and Richmond have been able to provide a water meter to nearly all residents, much of British Columbia and many cities in Metro Vancouver are far behind national coverage rates – most cities have no water metering policy and have been hesitant to introduce water meters,” said report author Jordi Honey-Rosés, an associate professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) at UBC.

“It’s important to understand why elected officials’ might be hesitant to go forward with stronger action on water metering. Political...

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