Vancouver Lab workshop a 'great success'


The Vancouver Lab, a training workshop for planners from China and Turkey ran from July 2nd to 13th at SCARP.

Jian Zhuo, Professor in the Tongji Department of Urban Planning wrote: 

"We are back to Shanghai for one week, still in the mode of Vancouverism. The Summer Institute is a great success. All the participants from Tongji are fascinated by the 2-week experience. On behalf of both Planning Department and Planning Institute, I would like to thank you again for initiating this wonderful program."



SCARP Director, Penny Gurstein welcomed the Tongji group to the SCARP Social held at Cecil Green Park House on July 12th


Vancouver Lab leader Larry Beasley instructs a group of Tongji Planners in the studio


Vancouver Lab coordinator Wayne Beggs, Jian Zhuo, Larry Beasley, Penny Gurstein


SCARP Associate Professor, Nora Angeles gave a talk entitled "Embracing Immigrants" at the downtown Vancouver, Chinese Cultural Centre

On the final day of the workshop participants applied the lessons from The Vancouver Lab to their own cities




Professor Emeritus Bill Rees gave a talk and led a discussion on “The sustainable ecological footprint and the challenge of achieving that in modern cities – putting Vancouver’s urban performance in this context”