SCARP Prof’s SSHRC grant becomes Haida film project

In 2014 Leonie Sandercock received a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant to explore the use of film as a catalyst for language revitalization and economic development. In partnership with the Council of the Haida Nation and Kingulliit, the Inuit film production company that made the multiple award-winning  Atanarjuat: the fast runner, Leonie spent a year working with the two Haida communities in Skidegate and Old Massett holding community story gathering workshops, script writing workshops, and a writing contest that selected three young Haida to develop a feature film script.

Once the script was finished, the Inuit partner successfully submitted an application to the Canada Media Fund for financing, and the project went into pre-production. Haida elders translated the script (‘Edge of the Knife’) into the two Haida dialects. The Inuit partner worked with Haida to set up a Haida film production company, which is co-producing the film, and a call went out to the Haida community for people interested in acting in the movie.

The film's producer is SCARP alumni and adjunct professor Jonathan Frantz.

This CBC news item tells more about this ongoing process, culminating in filming this May/June on Haida Gwaii.