SCARP hosts Globalizing Cities Symposium

Over 5-6 October SCARP and colleagues from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (Tongji University, Shanghai) convened a successful Symposium at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. Participants delivered original research findings within the broad theme of ‘Globalizing Cities and the Reshaping of Space, Place and Territory’, pointing to new directions in planning for resilient communities, affordable housing, cultural districts and ‘smart urbanism’, and informed by emergent theory and empirical analysis.

A key finding of our Symposium was that planners, communities and other elements of civil society in both cities are committed to progressive regeneration even as the pressures of globalization produce insistent upgrading, social stratification, and dislocation. There are also opportunities for dialogue and exchange among (and within) social groups in global cities enabled by networks of transnational urbanism, as observed by a number of participants.

SCARP students were invited, and we were pleased that a number of Masters and PhD students took up this opportunity. The symposium follows an initial meeting at Tongji in April 2016 attended by SCARP faculty, and we are working with our CAUP colleagues on a third session for the spring of 2018, to be convened in Shanghai. CAUP is ranked as the leading planning school among Chinese universities, and we look forward to working with our colleagues to develop an appropriately ambitious strategic research collaboration, prospectively involving London and Singapore.