SCARP Adjunct Emilie Adin’s team wins award for climate strategy

We are proud to announce that SCARP Adjunct Professor Emilie Adin’s Climate Action Team has received a Gold Award for Excellence in Planning from the Planning Institute of BC for their Seven Bold Steps for Climate Action!
Emilie is the Director of Climate Action, Planning and Development for the City of New Westminster.

The winning submission has been recognized as a manifesto of sorts around which New Westminster’s staff, residents and businesses have rallied. The strategy translates the abstract notion of a climate emergency into clear actions and goals.


The Seven Bold Steps are: 

  1. Carbon-Free Corporation
  2. Car-Light Community
  3. Carbon-Free Homes and Buildings 
  4. Pollution-Free Vehicles
  5. Carbon-Free Energy
  6. Robust Urban Forest
  7. People-Centred Public Realm

The jury felt that with this program, New Westminster has positioned itself at the forefront of applied climate action at the municipal level within Canada. The propositions are clear, vivid, practical, and compelling to the average citizen. It is an excellent example of ensuring climate action and social equity are at the forefront of all municipal decision-making, prioritizing capital projects, achieving climate action goals, and leading by example.

Congratulations to Emilie and to all on this action team! We're excited for the future this promises.

More information about PIBC’s 2022 awards