Nora Angeles wins Civic Merit Award

SCARP Associate Professor, Nora Angeles has won a Vancouver Civic Merit Award. The award recognizes individuals for achievement in a particular field of endeavour in sports, science, arts, or culture within the city and the province, or in recognition of a specific service.

City Council must vote unanimously to honour someone with the Civic Merit Award. The City began awarding the Civic Merit Award in 1942.

Nora was given the award for "...her individual and collaborative efforts around the world in research, education, and capacity-building in community and international development, participatory governance and planning with an emphasis on gender analysis. As a university professor, she has expanded students’ understanding of traditional planning paradigms to include social and cultural policy within the framework of transnationalism, race and gender. She has also inspired a generation of youth to consider planning and development within the context of diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Angeles has been instrumental in advancing Philippine Studies along with increasing visibility and inspiring the voices of the Filipino community in Canada; especially marginalized Filipino youth and young Filipino-Canadian activists, academic scholars, policy makers and community organizers. She is regarded as a change maker and leader who approaches issues with empathy, persistence and enthusiasm."

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Photo: Gregor Robertson, Vancouver Mayor; Dr. Lenora AngelesLara Honrado, Assistant Director of Cultural Services.