John Friedmann Passes

photograph: York University

Dr. John Friedmann has died at the age of 91. John was an honorary professor at SCARP, serving as a voice of wisdom for the department, after years of work in the field of planning. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Leonie Sandercock, SCARP Professor and his daughter Manuela Friedmann, of Los Angeles. In the past year John was given many honours in tribute to his huge contribution to the planning profession.


November 2, 2016: A book is published entitled Insurgencies and Revolutions that brings together former students, close research associates, and colleagues of John Friedmann to reflect on his contributions to planning theory and practice. 
October 6, 2016: John gives a lecture entitled “The Ruse of Reason: Poverty, Inequality, and Personal Freedoms in the People’s Republic of China 1950-2015” in acknowledgment of his 90th birthday.
June 17, 2016 - John is awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws from York University
June 2, 2016: An article about John, written by Michael Douglass, is published in The Journal of Planning Education and Planning Research 
April 26, 2016: John gives the first annual Distinguished Lecture at the Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA. John was "...the founding professor of the Program for Urban Planning in the Graduate School of Architecture and Planning at UCLA and served as its head for a total of 14 years between 1969 and 1996..." (Wikipedia)
John opens the YouTube video about a new book on prominent planners,"Encounters in Planning Thought. 16 Autobiographical Essays from Key Thinkers in Planning", edited by Beatrix Haselsberger, published in 2017. The book contains an autobiographical chapter written by John.



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