APSC Recognizes Nora Angeles with Dean's Service Award

SCARP is proud to say that our very own Professor Nora Angeles is a recipient of the 2021 Faculty of Applied Science Dean's Service Award. 

The Award for Excellence in Service recognizes faculty who, through leadership, service, and administrative activates, make substantial positive high-impact contributions to their Departments, Schools and the Faculty as a whole. It is through these efforts that the Faculty of Applied Science provide students with the highest quality educational experience.

What follows is the citation submitted with Nora Angeles' nomination, detailing how her contributions have been valued here, and it speaks for itself: 

Leonora (Nora) Angeles, Associate Professor, School of Community & Regional Planning Nora is being acknowledged for her sustained dedication to the well-being and welfare of all members of the SCARP community. Her commitment would be exceptional in any year, but most especially given this year’s pandemic. She displays tireless dedication to School, always willing to undertake service requests, to step in and assist at short notice and to offer support to students, staff and faculty. She nurtures a culture of care: wanting to see every individual thrive within the context of the collective good of the whole community. Some examples of her contribution over the last two years illustrate this approach. As the Admissions Chair for the Masters of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP), Nora has led the redesign and restructuring of the admissions process for this program. The result is a process which is now fair, transparent and consistent, as well as respectful of matters of equity, diversity and inclusion.
This has been achieved alongside an increase in applications of more than 50% in the last year. Nora has also been a highly valued member of numerous faculty search committees in many units in UBC, including the 2019/20 SCARP Search Committee that led to three new hires and the previous year in the School of Nursing. She is a founding member of SCARPs new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Group – a highly demanding responsibility, especially during complex times. Beyond these formal roles, Nora has played a central part in working with all parties within the School in the on-going work of building an inclusive community, acknowledging tensions and the benefits of sharing learning so as to find paths toward positive outcomes. In all of this, Nora’s dedication and commitment have been truly exceptional.
Nora is being acknowledged not only for general service to SCARP and APSC, but also for her leadership in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.