Alex Bigazzi calls for caution with drone corridors plan

Assistant professor Alex Bigazzi was asked to comment on the Vancouver-Surrey joint project to create crash free corridors for drones and other autonomous vehicles. The plan is the two cities' joint entry in the Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. The prize is $50 million.

Bigazzi's says: “As long as this is done cautiously and prudently, this is a good opportunity to explore better ways to integrate autonomous vehicles with non-autonomous vehicles and cyclists and pedestrians,” 


Maxime Bernier tweetstorm cost Conservatives the 2019 election

Georgia Straight

Tue Aug 14 2018
By: Charlie Smith
Link to full text

A Georgia Straight article about controversial tweets from Conservative politician Maxime Bernier mentioned a book by SCARP Professor, Leonie Sandercock.

Bernier suggested that immigrants aren’t integrating into society. In her book, Cosmopolis II: Mongrel Cities of the 21st Century, Sandercock noted that immigrants’ level of adaptation and integration increases over time.


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