J Honey-Rosés earns SSHRC grant


SCARP Assistant Professor Dr. Jordi Honey-Rosés has received a SSHRC Discovery grant for his new research project: "No one showed up at our public meeting. Testing theories of public engagement in the context of groundwater management." The grant is worth $72,726. Jordi will be working with two collaborators, Juan Ramon Diaz Calderon and Paul Sanchez Navarro.

SCARP hosts Globalizing Cities Symposium

Over 5-6 October SCARP and colleagues from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (Tongji University, Shanghai) convened a successful Symposium at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. Participants delivered original research findings within the broad theme of ‘Globalizing Cities and the Reshaping of Space, Place and Territory’, pointing to new directions in planning for resilient communities, affordable housing, cultural districts and ‘smart urbanism’, and informed by emergent theory and empirical analysis.

John Friedmann Passes

Dr. John Friedmann has died at the age of 91. John was an honorary professor at SCARP, serving as a voice of wisdom for the department, after years of work in the field of planning. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Leonie Sandercock, SCARP Professor and his daughter Manuela Friedmann, of Los Angeles. In the past year John was given many honours in tribute to his huge contribution to the planning profession.



The most e-mailed and most reposted article in the Tyee is by SCARP's Bill Rees: https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2018/01/18/Housing-Crisis-Really-About-Globalization/

"Clump [all] the [empty] units [in the lower mainland] together and the resultant ghost town would be one of the largest in the province."

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