APSC Recognizes Nora Angeles with Dean's Service Award

SCARP is proud to say that our very own Professor Nora Angeles is a recipient of the 2021 Faculty of Applied Science Dean's Service Award. 

The Award for Excellence in Service recognizes faculty who, through leadership, service, and administrative activates, make substantial positive high-impact contributions to their Departments, Schools and the Faculty as a whole. It is through these efforts that the Faculty of Applied Science provide students with the highest quality educational experience.

Assistant Professor Julia Harten receives 2021 Henry Reining Award

Our very own Julia Harten, Assistant Professor here at SCARP, has received the Henry Reining Award from the University of Southern California's Sol Price School of Public Policy. 

This annual award recognizes the best dissertation written in public policy and management. Julia was recognized by the Reining award for her dissertation, "Crowded with Potential: Housing and Social Mobility Strategies Among China’s Educated Migrants".


SCARP Adjunct Professor Scott Graham, and the team he led, has received a PIBC Excellence in Planning Award for their innovative report on thriving and affordable child care.

The winning submission was a comprehensive report for the City of Coquitlam, "Child Care Partnership Strategy", developed using a collaborative process that brought together partners and community members to:

  • learn about the local child care system
  • strengthen relationships
  • Identify key child care needs
  • Introduce new ways to help meet those needs

"For many families living in Coquitlam, child care plays a vital role in their daily lives, as it allows them to participate in the workforce and have a positive impact on the local economy. Beyond this, equitable access to high-quality, affordable child care provides early childhood education, contributes to healthy child development, promotes equity and gender equality, builds community connectivity, and enhances the overall health and well-being of the community.


"Despite the well-known benefits of...

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