REF sponsors video of SCARP ICP program

The Real Estate Foundation has sponsored a promotional video on the Indigenous Community Planning (ICP) program. The video features voice over by Linc Kesler, Director of the UBC First Nations House of Learning and Senior Advisor to the President of Aboriginal Affairs and Larissa Grant, Musqueam Community Planner. The video goes on to mention the partnership between SCARP and the Musqueam Indian Band that delivers this innovative curriculum putting students in an indigenous community to learn from centuries old community plans before they set about making their own plans for it.

Tiny homes: Inexpensive and cute, but livable? Aprodicio Laquian, Professor Emeritus, CHS

Despite the affordability crisis in Vancouver, the city doesn’t currently zone for “tiny” homes–self-contained houses with 100 to 500 sq. ft. of floor space–as a solution for the affordable housing crisis. Only social housing or Downtown Eastside rentals are allowed to come under 400 sq. ft. per unit. But Aprodicio Laquian, a professor emeritus at UBC’s Centre for Human Settlements, says clever design can make even tiny spaces livable, and he cites Hong Kong flats as an example of space-maximizing design.


The Tyee

Andy Yan Wonders About "Invisible Money' Driving Up Vancouver House Prices

A Tyee article compares housing and income data from Vancouver and Portland, Oregon, and says purchasing power “from somewhere” is putting a $300,000 premium on Vancouver housing prices. The article also quotes UBC adjunct urban planning professor Andy Yan, who said Vancouver’s sibling cities have different cultures when it comes to housing policy.


September 30 is an annual day to recognize and raise awareness about the residential school system in Canada, join together in the spirit of reconciliation, and honour the experiences of Indigenous Peoples. Orange Shirt Day commemorates this legacy.

The Faculty of Applied Science is hosting a Walk and Learn Together event between 12:00-1:00pm on Monday, September 30th  – more details at this link.

The School of Community and Regional Planning encourages instructors and students to participate. Accommodations will be made to students who miss any class that is not cancelled on September 30, 2019 in order that no students are penalized for participation. If you have a class on Monday, contact your instructor for details.




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