SCARP's statement against racism and discrimination

Dear SCARP Community,

As an endorsement of the President’s, Dean’s, and ACSP statement about the current situation, SCARP recognizes that this same issue of oppression on the basis of race, racial inequality and police brutality has existed in Canada since the arrival of European settlers and as recently as yesterday’s murder of a young Indigenous woman, Chantel Moore, by a police officer in New Brunswick. SCARP acknowledges that planning has been part of this problem and we are committed to being part of the movement for change, a movement acknowledging white privilege, addressing racial inequality in all domains of public policy and the systemic racism in all of our institutions.

Read a message from Santa J. Ono in response to recent anti-Black and anti-Asian violence:

Dean's message: 

ACSP Statement:

We are always together against racism and injustice.


Faculty & Staff