SCARP Alumni Gather at CIP Conference

SCARP alumni gathered at a reception hosted by the School at the Canadian Institute of Planners Conference held June 17-20 in Calgary. The theme of this year's conference was Building Resilience, and forum for discussions about the challenges facing our cities in the future.

SCARP students presented on Implementing the UN New Urban Agenda in Canada: issues, opportunities and responsibilities. The conference program read:

  • "Last October, United Nations member nations, including Canada, adopted the New Urban Agenda (NUA) at the Habitat III Quito conference. Reflecting broad input from many groups including planning associations, the NUA is a collective vision and a political commitment to sustainable urban development of socially inclusive, economically prosperous, and environmentally resilient cities. The panel will engage the planning community in discussion of how this powerful, international aspirational document can be used to advance planning in Canada. Presentations will focus on potential implementation strategies, including: a national urban policy, housing as a human right, ecosystem thinking, improving precarious and informal work environments, strengthening citizen participation, and the ‘right to the city.’"     Speakers: Elizabeth Ballantyne, Robert Catherall, Penny Gurstein, Kathleen Heggie, Allison Lasocha, Eleanor Mohammed.

Other SCARP participants included:

  • Kathryn Lennon: Food for Thought: Urban Agriculture and Resiliency
  • Penny Gurstein: Partnerships for Affordable and  Resilient Housing: Lessons from Calgary & Vancouver
  • George Benson, Cristyn Edwards, Shirin Karoubi, Anna Zhuo: Preparing the Planning Profession for Climate Migrants