Sarah Church PhD 2013

Current Work:  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Natural Resource Social Science Lab, Purdue University

The two most consistent loves of my life have been my love of nature and playing the violin.  I spent my childhood camping and backpacking in Idaho, and have continued these activities into my adult life. After starting my career in arts management administration and as a freelance violinist, I decided to embrace my interests in environmental planning and earned a Masters in Urban Planning at the University of Utah (2007) and a PhD in Planning from the University of British Columbia (2013).

My research interests lie within human experiences that contribute to environmental learning and increased environmentally responsible behaviors. My work at SCARP looked at urban applications of these ideas, including visualization tools in neighborhood design, visibility of sustainable stormwater management facilities, and urban ecological stewardship activities. While at SCARP I had the privilege of working with many wonderful people –professors and students alike. SCARP provided me with several opportunities for professional development, including teaching three courses, participating in several research projects, and co-authoring a paper with my supervisor Dr. Maged Senbel. Personally, the friendships I forged at SCARP were a highlight; I know these friendships will last a lifetime.

Since leaving SCARP, I have taught urban planning courses at the University of Idaho, and was the Executive Director of the Latah Trail Foundation. I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Natural Resource Social Science Lab at Purdue University, working on several projects that center around farmer behaviours, particularly with regard to agricultural practices that are related to water quality and climate change.

When not researching or writing, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors with my family, and continue to play violin in orchestras and chamber groups.