Pat Carney publishes short story collection

SCARP alum Pat Carney has published a collection of short stories called: On Island, Life Among the Coast Dwellers

ON ISLAND has topped the BC Bestseller list for the year 2017 by the Association of BC Booksellers.

Ms. Carney writes: "These fictional stories of anonymous characters living on unnamed islands or on the coast describe the ebb and flow of life in coastal communities and are being claimed by many readers as their own. While characters are fictional , most events occurred somewhere, sometime, to someone."

A former canadian senator, Pat was presented with a Faculty of Applied Science Dean's Medal of Distinction in 2017 for her work as a journalist and politician. In 1990 she received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from UBC. 

When Pat graduated from SCARP, her master's thesis topic was "... to explore the role of communications in planning and to suggest the design specifications and constraints for a social communications delivery system which will enable planners to cope with the demands of an "information ecology" (Nanus, 1972, p.398) or environment characterized by increasing flows of information and complexity of information systems..."