Mark Holland MA 2000

Current Work:  Vice President of Development, real estate development                                                              

I graduated in 2000 from SCARP and my path took me from academics through the public sector as a planner in the City of Vancouver, then onto a private sector consultant with my own firm, and from there to my role today as the Vice President of Development for a real estate development company. During that path, I had the honour of being the City of Vancouver’s first “sustainable development planner” and subsequently the founder and manager of its Sustainability Office. 

I took the excellent education I received at SCARP in the 1990s in sustainable communities and, riding the wave of interest in sustainability with a few partners, built one of the larger planning companies in Western Canada between 2000 and 2011 – the Holland Barrs Planning Group / HB Lanarc. During that time we won many awards, and I was honoured to be voted the Top Planner in BC in 2010 by my peers. In 2009, a colleague and I published the book, Agricultural Urbanism,  as a handbook for planners and developers to use in developing sustainable food systems in cities – a book now used as a text in many universities.

I left consulting in 2011 and joined a client’s company, the New Monaco Enterprise Corp to coordinate one of the larger real estate development projects in BC – the New Monaco neighbourhood in Peachland BC – a project that won the top small town planning award in Canada given by CIP in 2012.  In 2013, I was further honoured with the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for contributing to the dialogue in Canada on sustainable communities.

SCARP gave me the strongest possible foundation in sustainable community planning and remains a part of my professional life.