Hindsight's view: Been there, learned that

SCARP graduates R.J. McCulloch and Megan Faulkner are ready to launch their new online magazine. Working together in the heritage planning/consulting field for the past number of years after graduating from SCARP they are now ready to offer their own perspectives through the production of a new magazine series dedicated to our urban history. Named hindsight, it combines archival photography with analysis and commentary to present a compelling and engaging new way to appreciate the evolution of our cities.

The Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of the first issue is launching very soon, but in the meantime, they are encouraging planning enthusiasts to visit the website and social media pages.



Twitter: @thehindsightmag

Instagram: hindsightmagazine

Facebook: Hindsight Magazine


"At the intersection of the past and the future exists hindsight, a periodical review of the urban spaces that have shaped our lives and that we continue to shape. Cities are naturally dynamic and constantly changing and as we contemplate the evolution of our cities, we ask the question, can we do better with what we already have?

Our mandate at hindsight magazine is to study, observe, and research our cities in order to present timely and relevant issues that are facing the urban condition. We will be exploring, especially through archival photography, a variety of topics through this new series and will be comparing and contrasting our cities, allowing us to learn from each other in the hope of delivering a better urban future for citizens and visitors alike."