Heather Fehr MA 2010

Current Work:  Regional Manager, Canadian Red Cross, disaster risk management                                 

As a technical specialist, I now consult with international non-governmental organizations  on disaster risk reduction policies and frameworks. What I do is to provide analysis as well as program/project evaluations, track outcomes, and determine recommendations for future programming based on lessons learned.

The last four years, I have worked internationally with the Canadian Red Cross as a regional manager for community-based disaster risk reduction programming. During this time, I was able to use skills that I learned at SCARP in community engagement and facilitation, as well as working cross-culturally. In this position, I also worked closely with regional and national governments, something for which Tony Dorcey’s class in Negotiation and Facilitation helped me immensely as a young professional, dealing with the diplomats and national leaders. 

Prior to my work with the Canadian Red Cross, I participated in the Canadian Institute of Planners International Exchange program, which let me launch myself into an international career.

I went to SCARP wanting to find a career in Disaster Risk Management. The program supported me to find a project in my area of interest as well as allowed me to build my skills as a professional. I took part in Nora Angeles’ overseas studio in the Philippines where we learned about community engagement, and it was principally this studio that aroused my interest to work internationally.  SCARP’s flexibility also allowed me to take off two semesters to to gain professional experience in the BC Government.