Geoffrey DeVerteuil MA 1993

Current Work:  Senior Lecturer, Social Geography, Cardiff University School of Planning and Geography

I am currently Senior Lecturer in Social Geography at the Cardiff University School of Planning and Geography, in the UK. Previously I taught at the University of Southampton and the University of Manitoba. I graduated with a PhD in Urban Geography at the University of Southern California, under the tutelage of Jennifer Wolch and Michael Dear in 2001. Since then, I have published over 40 articles and book chapters, and have a forthcoming book in 2015, entitled Resilience in the post-welfare inner city: Voluntary sector geographies in London, Los Angeles and Sydney, with Policy Press in Bristol.

My time at SCARP was crucial in terms of developing my interest in policy and the potential for timely interventions into the built environment that make planning different from geography, which can be sometimes rather academic and esoteric. This interest in the policy world has since inflected my own academic work on homelessness in Los Angeles, substance abuse treatment in Winnipeg, and the voluntary sector in London.