Danielle Labbé PhD 2011

Current Work:  Associate Professor, Institut d'Urbanisme, University of Montreal           

I graduated from SCARP in 2011. My doctoral research sought to understand the urbanisation of rural areas located on the edge of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. After a short postdoctoral fellowship at York’s City Institute, I took on an Assistant Professor position at the University of Montreal’s School of Urban Planning (it’s called the Institut durbanisme). I have been there since 2012. My research and much of my teaching continues to focus on urbanization in the Southeast Asian context in general and in Vietnam in particular.

My ongoing research projects look at a variety of issues linked to the construction of large residential and commercial estates on the outskirts of Hanoi. These issues include social conflicts stemming from land grabbing to build these new suburban places and new expressions of civil society as suburbanizing households demand to have a say about how their neighborhoods are governed. The dozen or so planning students (undergrads, masters, and Ph.D.) which I supervise all conduct empirical research in the field of international planning. Most are involved in my funded research project in Vietnam but some also tackle planning problems in Latin American, South Asian and Middle-Eastern cities.

Recently, I published a book derived from my PhD dissertation (Land, Politics and Livelihoods on the Margins of Hanoi, 1920-2010. UBC Press 2014) along with a number of journal articles and book chapters. But my greatest professional achievement, by far, are the changes I witness daily in my students’understanding of the complexity of planning in non-Western contexts.