Carleigh Oude-Reimerink Brings Yoga to YVR

Carleigh Oude-Reimerink recently graduated from the SCARP Masters of Planning program. Her Masters Professional Project explored the creation of a yoga space for passengers at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Carleigh spoke with, and surveyed passengers in the terminals at YVR. She also conducted a mapping exercise to determine which locations would be optimal for this type of space. She conducted background research on wellness and yoga, and researched best practices. Carleigh provided a set of recommendations to VYR, some of which include that the space be free, after security checkpoints, with all supplies provided, and to partner with a local yoga studio, such as YYoga. YVR has accepted these recommendations and has gone forward with the creation of this space at YVR. Check out this link: Carleigh is currently working as a Planning Consultant in Toronto.


CBC News

Tue July 12 2016
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