Master of Arts (MAP)/Science (MScP) in Planning

The School of Community and Regional Planning research master’s degrees - Master of Arts in Planning (MAP) | Master of Science in Planning (MSCP)*-  are thesis-based, providing graduate-level study leading to a research-based master's degree.

They are designed for those interested in focusing their studies on a particular aspect of the planning profession. The course load is minimal, allowing students to concentrate on their research thesis immediately upon enrollment.

Like the PhD program, prospective students should apply with a specific research plan in mind and with the idea of working with a particular faculty supervisor.

  • Prospective students may also be practicing professionals interested in specializing in a particular subject area.
  • Prospective students might also be those who already have a Master’s degree in another subject area and are interested in transitioning to planning.

These programs of study may be shorter than our other Master’s program, and in ideal conditions, may be completed within one or two years.

Because they are research based, these degrees are not subject to the accreditation requirements of the professional planning boards. If you are interested in an accredited planning degree, please see the Masters in Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) program.  


*Upon graduation students in the research master's area receive a Master of Arts in Planning (MAP) if they entered the program with a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Master of Science in Planning (MScP) if they entered the program with a Bachelor of Science degree.