Guidelines for Customized Areas of Concentration

Beyond the common foundation provided by the MCRP core courses, students will gain expertise and experience in a particular domain of planning, or Area of Concentration (AoC). While some students will elect to pursue the Indigenous Community Planning (ICP) or Urban Design (UD) concentrations, which entail a prescribed sequence of required courses, most will develop a customized AoC to reflect their interests.

To develop a customized AoC, students should select a suite of appropriate courses (minimum 12 credits) in consultation with their faculty advisor. AoC courses should generally include at least one or two broad knowledge courses, at least one skills course, and at least one in-depth knowledge course, and may include a field experience course. In some cases, students may be starting their MCRP program with some prior training already in their chosen area and may not need broad knowledge and/or skills courses in their AoC suite.

Some examples AoCs are provided here in relation to areas of SCARP's traditional strengths: