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PLAN 527A | PLAN 527B
MCRP Internship
Course Instructor: N/A

PLAN 527A & 527B Course Summary

The Internship Program that provides the mechanism for students to earn academic credit for relevant work experience outside the University. An Internship is essentially a three-way partnership among the student, the agency and the School. The primary goal of the Internship Program is to assist students to develop professional skills and capabilities through guided "hands on" experience in a workplace environment while gaining academic credit.

MCRP Capstone
Course Instructor: N/A

PLAN 528A Course Summary

The major purpose of the Capstone is to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of their planning education and to synthesize their knowledge of planning. The Capstone serves as a culmination of the MCRP degree program. It allows students to articulate and demonstrate the competency they have developed in their chosen focus area, through synthesis and/or application of the knowledge, skills, and capabilities they have gained in the program. It is expected that students will be able to use the Capstone output to demonstrate their professional competency to potential employers.

Planning Studies Abroad – Barcelona Field Course
Course Instructor: Jordi Honey-Roses

PLAN 545C Course Summary

This course provides a unique opportunity for students to develop original planning and policy ideas to address real problems in the city of Barcelona. The Mediterranean city is under global pressures that are typical of highly attractive global cities, including gentrification, tourism and the contestation of public space. Students will immerse themselves in the life of the city through site visits, walking tours and original research, in order to understand the rich history of the city, its relationship to local culture, social circumstances and politics. Using a planning studio format, students will develop an original planning proposal for a local audience of policy makers, urban thinkers and city residents. The 2019 edition of the course will build from the student work last year. However unlike last year, the 2019 edition will not have an urban design focus. Students of the School of Community and Regional Planning will be prioritized for enrollment, however this course is open to all graduate students of geography, landscape architecture, engineering, and architecture. Highly qualified undergraduate students may also be considered. *Due to current travel restrictions in place, this course will not be offered until further notice. 

Plan 548D
Current Issues in Planning – Real Estate and Planning
Course instructor: Julia Harten

PLAN 548D Course Summary

Cities are not built by planners. Instead, urban space and the built environment are the product of negotiated interests. This course focuses on the real estate development perspective on the city. Students will develop a rich understanding of how urban land markets operate and how developers and investors assess and create value. The objective of this course is to equip students with the tools to navigate the planning-real estate developer relationship from a solid foundation of urban economics, urban pollical economy, and the basics of investment analysis and valuation.

Current Issues in Planning: LED Theory, Issues and Applications
Course Instructor: Will Trousdale

PLAN 548E Course Summary

Local Economic Development (LED) is centered on local resources, capacity and leadership to build sustainable communities, towns and cities. The course will introduce students to the principles, approaches and tools to LED through lessons and case studies drawn from Canadian and developing countries context. Include prerequisites.

PLAN 548G 
Current Issues in Planning: Critical Spatial Thinking for Urban Planning
Course Instructor: James Connolly

PLAN 548G Course Summary

This course prepares urban planning students to be critical spatial thinkers. Students develop skills in geographic information systems as a tool for solving planning problems while critically engaging with the contextual dynamics that impact spatial data and analysis.  

Current Issues in Planning: Short Film Production
Course Instructor: Jessica Hallenbeck

PLAN 548H Course Summary

Introduction to the basic approaches, theories, and production methods used in creating short documentary and motion graphic films for community advocacy and educational purposes. Indigenous and decolonial approaches to filmmaking will be emphasized. Jessica Hallenbeck, Lyana Patrick, and Dave Shortt will mentor students in the creation of short films.

Current Issues in Planning: Futures Planning 
Course Instructor: Su-Jan Yeo 

PLAN 548Q Course Summary

In the process of planning with change and planning for change, planners indelibly play an active role in shaping the future. It is this relationship to the future that makes planning fundamentally transformative—where plans and policies can wield long-term effects on people and places (for better or worse). Yet, the notion of “futures” as a crucial dimension of planning is often understudied. This course will engage with the imaginative and visionary potential of planning.

Current Issues in Planning: Infrastructure Planning and Smart Cities
Course Instructor: Martino Tran

PLAN 548S Course Summary

Major drivers of change are influencing global cities including urbanization, climate change and disruptive technology. At the same time, large future investments in infrastructure are required to improve the sustainability and liveability of cities. This class will explore the major drivers of urban change, assess the latest advancements in understanding the societal and physical implications of urban infrastructure; and understand how that is being influenced by disruptive technology and the broader smart city movement.

Master’s Thesis
Course Instructor: N/A

PLAN 549C Course Summary

Research and preparation of a thesis on a topic in public policy or professional practice.

PLAN 550A | PLAN 550B
Directed Studies
Course Instructor: N/A

PLAN 550A & 550B Course Summary

In special cases and with the approval of the Director of the school, a student may study an advanced topic under the direction of a faculty member.

PLAN 583
Housing and Community Planning Policy
Course Instructor: Michael Gordon

PLAN 583 Course Summary

Homes and communities are a focus of public policy for local and senior governments. Overview of past and current policies addressing the design and development of homes and communities. The course includes seven walking tours, a ferry boat tour and a bus tour to observe first hand best practices in home and community design. Students prepare a "thought piece" on the meaning of home, house, housing and neighbourhood and in a group prepare a policy report and presentation.

Urban Design Studio
Course Instructor: TBD

PLAN 587B Course Summary

Students will undertake diagramming and spatial decision-making to create visions, policy statements and designs for an urban neighbourhood. Students will employ urban design techniques including graphic presentation and public presentation. PLAN 517 and PLAN 587A or the instructor’s consent are prerequisites for this course.

PLAN 591
Land Use and Environmental Policy
Course Instructor: Mark Stevens

PLAN 591 Course Summary

Identify potential impacts of human land use activities on environmental systems; review policies in place at various levels of government in Canada (and elsewhere) that promote sustainable development and reduce negative impacts; assess effectiveness of those policies; design new policies.

PLAN 597
Planning for Water Resources Management
Course Instructor: Jordi Honey-Rosés

PLAN 597 Course Summary

The relationships among relevant bio-physical, socio-economic and institutional systems as applied to regional planning for watersheds, lakes, estuaries, coastal zones and international river basins. Water supply, waste disposal, fisheries, aquaculture, recreation, hydropower and flood control.

PLAN 649
Doctoral Dissertation
Course Instructor: N/A

PLAN 649 Course Summary

PhD Doctoral Dissertation.