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Due to the high number of inquiries we ask that you
review admissions information provided on our website before contacting us.

Masters Program Information

Phd Program Information


Masters and PhD Program Inquiries

Phone: (604) 822-4422; Fax:(604) 822-3787

Or send an email to, including in the subject line: "SCARP Masters/PhD Program Inquiry"


General Inquiries

Phone: (604) 822-3276; Fax:(604) 822-3787

Or send an email to


Question Contact Phone Email
General  Inquires Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
AV (setup/problems) Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Computer problems Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Course Evaluations Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Course Registration Emily Van Gulik 604-822-4422
Course Scheduling Cate Palmer 604-822-5326
Facilities Cate Palmer 604-822-5326
Faculty Appointments Cate Palmer 604-822-5326
Faculty Service Centre Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Fasmail (UBC employee email) Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Financial Penny Mullen 604-822-8213
Grades Emily Van Gulik 604-822-4422
Keys Penny Mullen 604-822-8213
Laptop (SCARP dept.) Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Listservs Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Masters Program Emily Van Gulik 604-822-4422
PhD Program Emily Van Gulik 604-822-4422
Printer   Cards Sherli Mah 604-822-3276
Student Appointments Penny Mullen 604-822-8213
Telephones Cate Palmer 604-822-5326
Visitor Appointments Cate Palmer 604-822-5326
Website Penny Mullen 604-822-8213


Main Office Hours are 8:30 am to 4.30pm, Monday – Friday.