Community Partners - Internships

What is the SCARP Internship Program?

The SCARP Internship Program is an essential and integral component of the two-year Master of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) program offered by the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) at UBC.

The internship program is designed to connect students with experienced professional planners in their field of interest allowing them to gain valuable hands-on experience and apply academic knowledge and analytic techniques to "real world" planning problems.

Why hire a planning intern?

  • Gain a skilled, motivated and dynamic team member to support your organization’s work
  • Receive support for special projects, research, events or bridge short-term staffing needs
  • Benefit from a fresh perspective, knowledge about the latest planning theories, trends and research and innovative new ideas
  • SCARP students are dynamic additions to public agencies, businesses, profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Offer students the opportunity to explore the connection between planning theory and practice and define the fundamental roles of a planner
  • Many students go on to work in the organizations they intern with after graduation.


The Program Structure

The primary goal of the Internship Program is to assist students to develop professional skills and capabilities through guided "hands on" experience in a workplace environment while gaining academic credit.

  • The students can complete their internship in any field related to planning in a variety of public, private, non-profit and academic organizations.
  • Most students complete their internship in the summer between the first- and second-year of their master program.
  • Internships may be paid or volunteer work experiences on a full-time or part-time basis
  • The minimum length of the internship is a total of 80 hours with a previously agreed start and end date
  • Students earn academic credits for the internship program and should have completed one term (4 months) in the master's program before starting an internship 
Program Components

Learning Objectives

Within the first 20 hours of the internship, students are required to create and reflect on their learning objectives for the internship and to review them with the supervisor.

Mid-Point Check-In

The Student Development Coordinator will be conducting a 10 to 15-minute check-in with the supervisor via phone midway through the student’s internship. During this call the coordinator and the supervisor will touch base on the student’s performance, preparedness for the internship and any feedback, problems or concerns the supervisor might have.

Supervisor Evaluation

This form evaluates the student’s performance over the period of the internship and 50% of the pass/fail grade is based on this evaluation. The internship supervisor evaluation also provides valuable feedback on the student’s performance and assists with the student’s future career development. This evaluation is confidential and will only be shared with the student’s faculty supervisor for the purposes of determining the final course grade.

How to recruit students?

1. Go to the following website:

2. Click on the employers tab, register for an account, and fill out the requested employer information. Select MCRP – Master of Community and Regional Planning as your discipline of interest. It is recommended that you make a separate organizational email for registration so that any member of your organization can access the account.

*Note: If you or someone in your organization has previously registered to post positions with UBC Faculty of Applied Science Engineering Co-op, then you do not need to register. You can post your position through that account and direct them specifically to SCARP students.*

3. Select the SCARP Internship tab on the left-side options bar. Click post a job.

4. Post the internship opportunity information in the pre-structured text fields.

5. Select SCARP/MCRP students under disciplines of interest.

6. Write your preferred method of receiving job applications (e.g. organization website, email etc…).

7. Write your preferred posting expiry date (we recommend 30-days). Please inform the Student Development Coordinator at if your opportunity is no longer available so that we can remove the posting.

If you needed assistance constructing a job posting, please review the information available in the SCARP Internship Posting Template.

Internship Policy

SCARP strongly supports paid internships and encourages internship providers to provide remuneration for student interns. It is not economically feasible for many students to undertake unpaid work.

(We recognize that there may be situations where payment may not be possible. Several funding programs, including Canada Summer Jobs and Mitacs, are available to not-for-profit employers who may not otherwise be able to employ an intern.)