The School of Community and Regional Planning has several committees to support its various administrative, pedagogical and research initiatives.

SCARP Advisory Council

The SCARP Advisory Council will advise the Director on all issues related to development of the School.

SCARP Advisory Council Terms of Reference

Awards Committee

The SCARP awards committee evaluates submissions for internal and external awards.

Professional Development Committee

Professional Development at SCARP is intended to bridge the gap between planning theory and practice by providing an understanding of required planning skills and tools in planning practice and helping SCARP students in career development.

Professional Development Terms of Reference

School Management Committee (SMC)

Faculty and Student Representatives meet once a month to discuss and make decisions regarding school management.

School Management Committee Terms of Reference

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Committee (TLC)

The SCARP-TLC is responsible for promoting SCARP's vision and mission. It will lead in conducting continuous cycles of curriculum review and in improving the quality of teaching and learning within SCARP by designing, developing, working through the details and implementation, and evaluating the ongoing curriculum changes.

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

SCARP Peer Evaluation

Faculty Mentoring