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CHS had an active publication program for disseminating the results of its research and reporting on its training and consultancy activities. Please contact us to order publications.

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Asian Urban Research Network (AURN)
International Workshop Proceedings
Asian Urban Research Network (AURN)
Working Papers
Disaster Reduction Planning Collaboratory DPRC
CHS / SCARP Working Paper Series
Policy Issues and Planning Responses
CHS Monographs
Human Settlements Issues
CHS Monographs
Proceedings of a Seminar of Experts
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Localized Poverty Reduction in Vietnam LPRV


Asian Urban Research Network (AURN)
International Workshop Proceedings


Small Towns and Regional Development.. Proceedings of an International Workshop, Guangzhou, China, 17-21 August 1992

Y. Hsing (ed.)


Planning and Development of Metropolitan Regions.. Proceedings of an International Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand, 29 June - 3 July 1992

Aprodicio Laquian (ed.)


Inner City Neighbourhood Development.. Proceedings of an International Workshop, Beijing, China, 24-27 November 1992

Michael Leaf (ed.)


Planning and Governance of the Asian Metropolis.. Proceedings of an International Workshop, Shanghai, China, 11-14 October 1993

B. Van Horen & A. Laquian (ed.)


Development of Small Cities.. Proceedings of an International Workshop, Bandung, Indonesia, April 1994

Richard Kirkby (ed.)


The Rural-Urban Transition and Development in China. International Conference, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China, Dec. 1996.

Andrew Marton (ed.)

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Asian Urban Research Network (AURN)
Working Papers

WP 1

Urban Housing in Third World Market Economies: An Overview of the Literature.

Michael Leaf

WP 2

Towards Collaborative Evaluation of Community Development NGOs in Thailand.

James Pratt

WP 3

Community or Commodity? A Study of Lilong Housing in Shanghai.

D. L Morris

WP 4

Blood, Thicker than Water: Networks of Local Chinese Bureaucrats and Taiwanese Investors in Southern China.

You-tien Hsing

WP 5

Planning for Urban Re-development in Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

Michael Leaf

WP 6

Informal Settlements, Upgrading and Institutional Capacity Building in Third World Cities.

Basil van Horen

WP 7

Opportunities and Constraints for Urban Agriculture in Bandung, Indonesia.

F. Hietkamp

WP 8

Diversity Sensitive Gender Planning.

F. Kirson

WP 9

Globilization and the Production of New Spaces.

K. Olds


Research for Urban Planning in Vietnam: A Study of District 8, Ho Chi Minh City Field Studio in International Development Planning, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning.



Planning for Industrial Restructuring in Japan: The Case of the Chukyo Region.

D. Edgington


Small Towns and Economic Development in China.

W. LiFang


Community-Based Health and Family Planning.

D. Patz


The Formal Private Sector in Bangkok, Thailand: Providing A Low-Income Housing Alternative?.

K. Hiebert


Child Care Needs of Chinese Immigrant Families.

Shawne Chang


Sustainable Tourism Planning: A Case Study of Guimaras, Philippines Cooperative Farm Tourism.

Will Trousdale


Women & Employment in Urban Vietnam: A Case Study of Marketplace Sellers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Jennifer Giovannitti


Urban Agriculture & Sustainable Urban Development: A Case Study of Nairobi, Kenya.

Claire Hughes


Post-Socialism and Urban Redevelopment: Planning for the Transformation of Prague's Historical Core.

Leanne Martinson


Service Industries, Economic Restructuring and the Spatial Reconfiguration of Asian Pacific City-Regions.

Thomas A. Hutton


Women's Needs and Housing in Urban China: The Gender Impacts of Reform and Redevelopment.

Avril Harrison


Social Implications of Redevelopment in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Quang Vinh, et al.


Micro-Credit in Managua, Nicaragua: Assessing the Effectiveness of Smaill-Scale Lending as a Socio-Economic Development Tool.

G. S. Fergusen


Urbanization on the Periphery: A Hanoi Case Study.

M. Leaf et al


Sanitation Infrastructure: A Handbook of Wastewater Technology and Management Systems.

Annwen Rowe-Evans et al.


Urban Development and Redevelopment in Quanzhou, Fujian, China: A Field Study Report.

M. Leaf & D. Abramson


Governance and Design: Participatory Planning, Residential Design Guidelines and Historic Preservation in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. A Year 2000 Field Studio Report.

D. Abramson, M. Leaf & S. Anderson

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Disaster Preparedness Resource Centre


Disaster Reconnaisance March 26th to March 31st, 1994: The Northridge Earthquake, January 17th, 1994.

L. Pearce & L. Pearce


British Columbia Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis; revised edition.

L. Pearce


Hazard Management Planning in British Columbia: Issues and Challenges, A Discussion Paper.

P. Anderson


A Planners Handbook for Emergency Preparedness Planning.

L. Laughy


Earthquake Risk and Heritage Buildings: A Selected Bibliography.

K. Keenan & M. Lytton


Abstracts for the Pan Pacific Hazards '96 Conference and Trade Show, Vancouver, BC, July 29th to August 2nd, 1996.



CD Rom for the Pan Pacific Hazards '96 Conference and Trade Show, Vancouver, BC, July 29th to August 2nd, 1996.



Disaster Topics. Current Publications and Organizations Reference Manual (1997).



1998 Disaster Preparedness Symposium: Towards an Earthquake Strategy for B.C. (1999).


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CHS / SCARP Working Paper Series
Policy Issues and Planning Responses

PI 1

Sustainability, Value Tradeoffs, and Electric Utility Planning: A Canadian Example.

T. McDaniels

PI 2

Approach to Community and Regional Planning: A Bioregional Framework.

M. Carr

PI 3

Visions of A 'Post-Staples' Economy: Structural Change and Adjustment Issues in British Columbia.

Thomas A. Hutton

PI 4

Pressing Global Limits: Trade as the Appropriation of Carrying Capacity.

William Rees

PI 5

Sustainability, Growth and Employment.

William Rees

PI 6

A Taxonomy and Elaboration of Wilderness Preservation Values.

T. McDaniels & C. Roessler

PI 7

Planning for Industrial Restructuring in Japan: The Case of the Chukyo Region.

D. Edgington

PI 8

Decentralization and Municipal Housing Policy in British Columbia.

H. Britton

PI 9

Rental Housing Trends in the City of Vancouver.

L. Stern & V. Geary


Hallmark Events, Evictions and Housing Rights: The Canadian Case.

K. Olds


Japanese Property Investing in Canadian Cities and Regions.

D. W. Edgington


What has Informed Neo-Traditional Planning? An Analysis of Rationalism, Neo-Traditional Planning, and "A New Theory of Urban Design".

E. D. Watson

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CHS Monographs
Human Settlements Issues

M 1

Habitat and Land.

L. Gertler

M 2

Planning and Building Down Under: New Settlement Strategy and Current Architectural Practice in Australia.

H. Seidler

M 3

Challenge of Squatter Settlements: With Special Reference to the Cities of Latin America OUT OF PRINT.

H. A. Anthony

M 4

Settlement Planning and Development: A Strategy for Land Policy.

N. Lichfield

M 6

Environmental Strategy and Action: The Challenge of the World Conservation Strategy.

Jacobs, P.

M 7

LAND: The Central Human Settlement Issue.

Oberlander, H.P.

M 9

Improving Human Settlements.

H. P. Oberlander, (ed.)

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CHS Monographs
Proceedings of a Seminar of Experts

SP 1

Along the North/South Axis: Sharing Responsibilities and Roles for Training in Planning and Development.

S. Yahya, M. Qadeer, F.W.H. Dawes, et al.

SP 2

Intermediate Settlements: Planning and Management Within a Spatial Strategy.

H.P. Oberlander, A.L. Fallick, A. Beaumont, K. et al

SP 3

Small-Scale Production of Building Materials in the Context of Appropriate Technology.

W. Bell, C.A. Tiers, M.Baker,

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CHS Monographs

Mono 81-1

Canadian Urban Growth Trends: Implications for a National Settlement Policy.

I. Robinson

Mono 86-1

Planning in Turbulence.

D. Morley, A. Shachar (eds.)

Mono 87-1

A Place to Call Home: A Conference on Homelessness in B.C..


Mono 87-2

Ministry of State for Urban Affairs: A Courageous Experiment in Public Administration.


H.P. Oberlander A.L. Fallick (eds.)

Mono 87-3

SHELTER OR HOMES? A Contribution to the Search for Solutions to Homelessness in Canada.

H.P. Oberlander A.L. Fallick (eds.)

Mono 88-1

Homelessness and the Homeless: Responses and Innovations.

H.P. Oberlander A.L.Fallick (eds.)

Mono 88-2

Meech Lake: From Centre to Periphery. The Impact of the 1987 Constitutional Accord on Canadian Settlements. A Speculation.

H.P. Oberlander H.Symonds (eds.)

Mono 89-1

Low Rent Housing in Vancouver's Central Area: Policy and Program Options.

J.D. Hulchanski

Mono 89-2

Provincial Housing Assistance for Low-Income Elderly Renters in British Columbia, 1970 to 1986.

V.M. Doyle

Mono 90-1

Housing as Northern Development: The Homeownership Assistance Program in Fort Good Hope.

W.E. Rees & J.D. Hulchanski

Mono 90-2

Japanese Multifunction Polis in Australia: The Newest New City Proposal or Just Another Export from Japan?.

D.W. Edgington

Mono 90-3

Planning for Sustainable Development: A Resource Book.

Rees, W. (ed.)

Mono 90-4

The Municipal Role in the Supply and Maintenance of Low Cost Housing: A Review of Canadian Initiatives.

J.D. Hulchanski et al.

Mono 91-1

Choice, Voice and Dignity: Housing Issues and Options for Persons with HIV Infection in Canada - A National Study.

S. Manson Willms, M. Hayes, J.D. Hulchanski

Mono 91-2

Housing Issues and Options for Persons with AIDS: Summary of Interviews with Agencies and Organizations.

S. Manson Willms, M. Hayes, J.D. Hulchanski

Mono 91-3

Housing Options for Persons with AIDS: An Annotated Bibliography.

S. Manson Willms, M. Hayes,

Mono 91-4

Maintaining Low Rent Central Area Housing Stock: A Survey of North American Municipal Initiatives.

J.D. Hulchanski

Mono 91-6

Primary Care for Urban Core Disadvantaged Patients: An Annotated Bibliography.

S. Manson Willms, J.M. Bates

Mono 91-7

Seniors in Small Town British Columbia: Demographic Tendencies and Trends, 1961-1986.

G. Hodge

Mono 91-8

Solutions to Homelessness: Vancouver Case Studies.

J.D. Hulchanski, M. Eberle, K. Olds, D. Stewart

Mono 91-9

The Institutional Impediments to State-Sponsored Community Development in Canada's North: The Case of the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation.

R. McMillan

Mono 92-1

Housing a Nation: The Evolution of Canadian Housing Policy.

H.P Oberlander A.L. Fallick & G. Anderson (eds)

Mono 92-2

Housing Policy in Canada: Lecture Series.

G. Anderson

Mono 93-1

Conference Papers on Transportation & Urban Development Presented at the 3rd Annual Conference of the PRCUD, Vancouver, B.C. Oct.10-12, 1991.

A. McNeil (ed.)

Mono 93-2

Conveying our Future. Proceedings of the Policy Workshop on Regional Governance in the Pacific Fraser Region, Jan. 22-23 ,1992.

Hill, J. (ed)

Mono 93-3

What We Know About the Socio-Economic Impacts of Canadian Megaprojects: An annotated Bibliography of Post-Project Studies.


N. Knight, P. Boothroyd, M. Eberle, et al.

Mono 94-1

Development-Oriented NGOs of Vietnam.

Z. Mulla & Peter Boothroyd

Mono 94-2

Proceedings from a Symposium on Growth Management, Expanding the Planning Tool Kit: Options for Growth Management in a Context of Structural Change and Sustainable Development.

Thomas A. Hutton, A. McNeil

Mono 94-3

Proceedings of the Workshop Learning and Connecting: Women as Agents of Change in their Communities.

P. Gurstein and V. Geary

Mono 95-1

Paroles, Choix et Dignité: Problématique et Alternatives en Hébergement des Personnes Atteintés du VIH au Canada - Une Étude Nationale.

S. Manson Willms, M. Hayes,

Mono 95-2

Proceedings of the Second International Gender and Development Network Workshop (May 1995).

P. Gurstein & G.Ferguson

Mono 95-3

A Background Paper on Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Modern Environmental Assessment.

B. Sadler & P. Boothroyd (eds.)

Mono 95-5

Building Communities: The Importance of Participatory Management in Non-Profit Housing.

V. Geary

Mono 98-1

Learning to Write: Women's Studies in Development.

Dawn H. Currie, Noga Gayle, Penny Gurstein (eds.)

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CHS Research Bulletins

Bul 88-7

Rental Housing Trends in the City of Vancouver (1988).

J. D. Hulchanski

Bul 89-1

Defining "Sustainable Development" (1989).

William Rees

Bul 90-4

Healthy Community Indicators: Lessons from the Social Indicator Movement (1990).

S. Manson Willms

Bul 90-6

A Review of Women in Development Process.

F. L. Kirson

Bul 90-8

Healthy Communities: What They Are, How They're Made (1990).

P. Boothroyd & M. Eberle

Bul 91-10

Developing Community Planning Skills: Applications of a Seven-Step Model (1991).

Peter Boothroyd

Bul 91-2

L'hébergement des personnes vivant avec une infection au VIH au Canada: Problématiques et recommandations (1991).

S. Manson Willms, M. Hayes, J.D. Hulchanski

Bul 91-3

Housing for Persons with HIV Infection in Canada: Issues and Recommendations (1991).

S. Manson Willms, M. Hayes, J.D. Hulchanski

Bul 91-5

Homeownership Incentives: An Inventory of Recent Canadian and U.S. Initiatives (1991).

M. Lytton

Bul 91-9

Community Economic Development: An Introduction for Planners.

Peter Boothroyd

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CHS Bibliographies

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SCARP Working Paper Series
Canadian Planning Issues


Planning Act: A Critique.

B. Wiesman


Bill 9: The Land use Act.

B. Wiesman


Transportation/Urban Environment Conflict.

L. Jacobsen, ed.


Recent Developments in B.C. Band Planning and Management.

A. Cunningham


Urban Traffic Noise Abatement: A Case Study of Boundary Road.

B. Pyplacz, ed.


Need for Changing Models of Planning: Developing Resource-Based Communities.

G. Paget & R.A. Rabnett


Metropolitan Multinucleation.

Thomas A. Hutton, C. Davis


Planning Canada's Role in the New Global Economy.

C.Weaver & P. Richards


Trade Liberalization and Industrial Adjustment Policy for Canada.

P.P. Prouix


St. Lawrence and False Creek: A Review of the Planning and Development of Two New Inner City Neighbourhoods.

J.D. Hulchanski


Notes on Analyzing and Planning the Canadian Zinc and Copper Industries.

J.R. D'Cruz


Housing Issues and Canadian Federal Budgets: 1968-1984.

J.D. Hulchanski & B. Grieve


Wartime Housing Limited, 1941-1947: An Overview and Evaluation of Canada's First National Housing Corporation.

J. Wade


Accessibility and Environmental Quality Conflict in High Density Residential Areas.

V.S. Pendakur & G.L. Weikum


Vancouver's Granville Mall: Lessons for Planning.

V.S. Pendakur & R. Pendakur


Income and Employment Multipliers for Seven British Columbia Regions.

H.C. Davis


Some Considerations and Empirical Evidence of Regional Commodity Cross-Hauling.

H.C. Davis & H. Cherniack


Interindustry Approaches to the Analysis of a Supply Disruption of a Critical Resource.

H.C. Davis & H. Cherniack


An Empirical Comparison of Simple Techniques for Five Year Municipal Population Projections.

H.C. Davis


Local Exchange Trading System: A Non-Monetary Approach to Community-based Economic Development.

H.C. Davis & L.E. Davis


Habitat '76: The Hinge in a Decade for Change.

H.P. Oberlander


Housing that Grandma helped Plan: Consumer Participation in the Process of Developing Housing for Older Person.

C. Kathler


Local Government and the Housing Needs of Older Canadians.

C.L. Donegani


Urban Land Use Change and Modernization: From Gas Station to 7-11/24 Hour Video Mini-Complexes.

V.S. Pendakur, L., Spitale,K. Kraczar


Buy Local Programs: Import Substitution at the Regional Level.

H.C. Davis


Canada's Housing Co-operatives: An Alternative Approach to Resolving Community Problems.

J. Selby & A. Wilson


Canada's Housing and Housing Policy: An Introduction.

J.D. Hulchanski


Planning New Urban Neighbourhoods: Lessons from Toronto's St. Lawrence Neighbourhood.

J.D. Hulchanski


Looking Up at the Region: Regional Issues from a Community Development Perspective.

Peter Boothroyd


Housing for Persons with HIV Infection in Canada: Issues, Options and Housing System Impacts.

S. Manson Willms, M.V. Hayes, J.D. Hulchanski


Developing Cooperative Management Systems for Common Property Resources: Resolving Cross-Cultural Conflict in a West Coast Fishery.

J.R. Griggs, Kyuquot Native Tribe

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Comparative Urban and Regional Studies

CS 1

Anarchy, Planning and Regional Development.

(Out of Print)

C. Weaver

CS 2

Le Developpement Regional en Tunisie: Le projet de developpement de la Tunisie central.

E. Moudoud

CS 3

Economie de l'Information et Developpement Decentralise.

B. Planque

CS 4

Development of Chemicals Production in Western Europe in the Post-war Periods.

R. Hudson

CS 5

A Bibliography on Enterprise Zones, w/Selected Annotations.

D. Golob

CS 6

Center - Down Development in Perspective: Labour Absorption and inter-dependence in Brazilian Regional Industries.


CS 7

Modernisation, Centralisation et Destruction de l'Economie Rurale.

E. Moudoud, L. Suarez

CS 8

Foreign Investment and Public Policy: The Canadian and Nigerian Experiences.

J.O. Akintola -Arikawe

CS 9

The Manufacturing Process Cycle and the Industrialization of the US-Mexico Borderlands.

L. Suarez - Villa


Agriculture Market towns in India: A Development Perspective.

S. Pendakur & V. Das


Labour Force Formation and Development in Saudi Arabia.

P. Woodward


Deconcentration or Decentral-ization? Local Government and the Possibilities for Local Control of Local Economies.

R. Hudson, V. Plum


Urbanization and Housing in Zambia: A Review.

B. Chisanga


City Centre Traffic Restraint Schemes: The Singapore Experience.

V.S. Pendakur


The Economic Development Role of the Urban Informal Sector in Developing Countries: An Inflow Outflow Analysis.

E.U. Morah


An Empirical Estimation of Vancouver's Comparative Economic Advantages.

H.C. Davis and M.A. Goldberg


Global Cities and Public Policy: The Case of Vancouver, BC.

M. A. Goldberg & H.C. Davis


Urban Housing Problems and Housing Commercialization in China.

Lijian Chen


Vancouver as an Emerging Centre of the Pacific Rim Urban System.

H.C. Davis & Thomas A. Hutton


Immigration and Ethnic Conflict in Metropolitan Vancouver: Challenge and Response.

H.C. Davis & Thomas A. Hutton


Structural Differences Between the Vancouver, Victoria & Interior Regional Economies of BC.

H.C. Davis


Regional Impacts of the Northeast Coal Project in B.C..

Peter Boothroyd & N. Knight


Housing in Nigeria's New Capital at Abuja: Achievements and Problems.

E.U. Morah


Land Management Institutions at the Community Level: the Case of Village Land Allocation Committees in Lesotho.

M. Morapeli


Affordable Downtown Housing: Innovative U.S. Municipal Initiatives and a Case Study of Seattle.

A. Millward

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Studies in Northern Development


Resource Town Planning: A Strategy for Policy Development.

R. Roberts


Critical Appraisal of Economic Aspects of the Proposed Beaufort Sea Development.

H.C. Davis & G.B. Hainsworth


Social Impact Assessment and Northern Native Communities.

C. Weaver & A. Cunningham


Socio-economic Impact Assessment, Development Theory and Northern Native Communities: A Theoretical Approach.

A. Cunningham


Politics, Power and Northern Land Use Planning.

W.E. Rees


Environmental Assessment of Hydrocarbon Production from the Canadian Beaufort Sea.

W.E. Rees


Planning for Fairness: An Evaluation of the Canadian Native Claims Settlement Process.

K. Leghorn


Government Management Capability: A Brief to the Beaufort Sea Environmental Assessment Panel.

W.E. Rees


Genesis and Structure of the 'Dene Gondie' Study: What People Say about the Norman Wells Project.

W.E. Rees


Demographic Trends in the Northwest Territories: The Implications for Housing.

M. Steele


Planning and Management of Natural Areas: The Nature of the Problem.

R. Fox


Northern Development Policy: Hinterland Communities and Metropolitan Academics.

S. Lockart


Stable Community Development in the North: Properties and Requirements.

W.E. Rees


Implementation of the Norman Wells Project Impact Funding Program.

W.E. Rees & M. Kerr

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Discussion Papers

DP 1

Legitimizing Use - Value Production in a Mixed Economy.

C. Weaver

DP 2

On Communications and Their Lack in International Development Planning.

H. Dandekar

DP 3

Impact Assessment from Pseudo - Science to Planning Process: An Educational Response.

P. Boothroyd & W.E. Rees

DP 4

Patterns, Progress and Development.

O. Anderson & Peter Boothroyd

DP 5

Economic Effects of Levying a Harbour User Charge on Waterborne Commerce.

C.L. Trozzo & H.C. Davis

DP 6

A Proposed Development Strategy for Remote Indian Communities.

A. Cunningham

DP 7

Industrial Redeployment and the Regional Economy: A North American Perspective.

C. Weaver & J. Jessop

DP 8

Toward the Integration of Economic and Social Impact Assessment.

H.C. Davis

DP 9

Ideology, Tradition and Social Development: A Study in Herme-neutical Theories of Planning.

W. Yeechong


Who are the Homeless: What is Homelessness?.

J.D. Hulchanski


Future Directions for Urban Social Planning in Canada.

G. Drover & J.D. Hulchanski


Territorial use Rights in Fishing (TURFS) on Lake Titicaca (Peru).

D.P. Levieil


The Role of Environmental Assess-ment in Promoting Sustainable Development.

W.E. Rees, J.E. Gardner, P. Boothroyd


Do All Canadians Have a Right to Housing?.

J.D. Hulchanski


Sustainable Development and How to Achieve it.

W.E. Rees


Two Economies of B.C..

H.C. Davis & Thomas A. Hutton


Atmospheric Change: Human Ecology in Disequilibrium.

W.E. Rees


Ecological Meaning of Environment-Economy Integration.

W.E. Rees


Canadian Government Housing Expenditures: A Ten Year Review.

J.D. Hulchanski


Why Policies Have Problems Achieving Optimal Results: A Review of the Literature on Policy Implementation.

E.U. Morah


A Comprehensive Approach to Public Policy Evaluation: The Implementation-Outcome Connection.

E.U. Morah


Pressure Group Politics and the Campaign to Protect South Moresby Island.

J.E. Gardner


Interest Groups: Understanding Their Role in Planning Processes in Canada.

N. Knight


The Problem of Uncertainty: Institutional Alternatives and Planning Approaches.

N. Knight


The Meaning of Community Economic Development.

P. Boothroyd, C. Davis


The Point No Point Treaty Council: Innovations by an Inter-Tribal Fisheries Management Cooperative.

E. Pinkerton, N. Keitlah


Projecting the Regional Demo-Economic Impacts of Natural Resource Mega-Projects: A Comparison of Two techniques.

N. Knight


Altruism, Planning Theory and Human Settlement Development in the Third World.

S. Afrane

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B 1

A Bibliography on Enterprise Zones, With Selected Annotations.

D. Golob

B 2

Introductory Readings in Planning Theory: A Bibliography.

C. Weaver, H. Hightower

B 3

Housing and Urban Affairs in Japan: A Bibliography of the Japanese and English Language Literature.

Y. Jinnouchi

B 4

Co-operative Housing in Canada: A Comprehensive Bibliography.

J.D. Hulchanski

B 5

Housing Policy in Eastern European Countries: An Annotated Bibliography.

Lijian Chen

B 6

Community Development in Canada's North: A Selected Bibliography with a Focus on Housing.

R. McMillan

B 7

Innovative State and Local Strategies for Low Cost Housing: A Bibliography of the Recent U.S. Literature.

M. Lytton

B 8

Linking Development Approval to Affordable Housing: A Selected Bibliography of the "Linkage" Literature.


B 9

Single Room Occupancy Housing: A Selected Bibliography.

K. Olds


Social Indicators for Health Planning: A Selected Bibliography of the Social Indicators and Health Indicators Literature.

S. Manson Willms, L. Gilbert


The Municipal Role in Low Cost Housing: A Bibliography of the Canadian Literature.

J. D. Hulchanski, M. Eberle, K. Olds

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Localized Poverty Reduction in Vietnam


Models of University/Community Collaboration.

E. Adin & N. Chadwick


University Community Collaboration: Understanding Incentives, Challenges, and Approaches.

J. Gillespie