CHS' Projects

CHS Research & Capacity Building Projects

  • Active Transportation Lab Projects
  • Climate Justice Project
  • Developing a conceptual framework for understanding provincial legislative efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in BC
  • Evaluating the Quality of Official Community Plans in Southern British Columbia: Are Municipalities Prepared to Promote Sustainable Development Patterns
  • Habitat Exchange
  • Informality Governance in Peri-Urban SE Asia
  • NEWPATH: Built environment influences on diet, physical activity, and obesity: a transdisciplinary approach
  • Systems under stress: An investigation of community resilience to natural disasters

Other Previous Projects

  • Analyzing Infrastructures for Disaster-Resilient Communities
  • Asian Urban Research Network
  • Community Based Watershed Management in Santo André, S.P., Brazil
  • Education for Democratic Planning in Sri Lanka
  • EMERGENCE: Education and Mapping of Employment Relocation in a Global Economy in the New Communications Environment
  • Gender and Development Network
  • Government Responses to Poverty and Income Inequality and their Effects on Children and Families
  • Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment
  • Localized Poverty Reduction in Vietnam
  • Mitigation of Extreme Event Risk: The Case of Electric Power
  • Multi-level Governance in Canada: the Vancouver Essay
  • New Public Consortia for Metropolitan Governance, Brazil (NPC Project)
  • Neighbourhood Planning in Quanzhou, Fujian, China
  • Project for Promoting Participatory Budgeting in Canada: Building Community Capacity for Deliberative Local Governance in the Greater Vancouver Region
  • Social dynamics of economic performance: Innovation and creativity in city-regions
  • Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Beijing-Tianjin Region, China
  • The role of Coastal Ecosystem Degradation in Tsunami Damage