CHS' People

CHS was managed by a committee of faculty members from the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) with a wide range of planning interests and expertise.


    • Thomas Hutton, Professor & Associate Director, SCARP for CHS
    • Penny Gurstein, Professor and Director, SCARP
    • Leonora Angeles, Associate Professor
    • Peter Boothroyd, Professor Emeritus
    • Stephanie Chang, Professor
    • Tony Dorcey, Professor
    • Lawrence Frank, Professor & J. Armand Bombardier Chair in Sustainable Urban Transportation Systems
    • John Friedmann, Honorary Professor
    • Michael Leaf, Associate Professor & Chair of Masters Program, SCARP
    • Timothy McDaniels, Professor
    • William Rees, Professor
    • Leonie Sandercock, Professor & Chair of PhD Program, SCARP
    • Maged Senbel, Assistant Professor
    • Mark Stevens, Assistant Professor

Research Associates

    • Erika de Castro, Project Manager, Habitat Exchange
    • Andrea Procyk, Project Coordinator, Bombardier Active Transportation Lab