Bursary Program at UBC (Summer Session)

UBC offers non-repayable funding through the UBC Bursary Program. The support eligible students receive is determined by an assessment of financial need, and the difference between the student's costs and resources. Calculations consider education costs and standard allowances for living expenses to determine the total cost of study. This is compared against the student's personal resources (including scholarships), and if the applicant is considered a dependent student, the family's resources are also considered. More information is available from the UBC Bursary Program website.

Your student loans must be confirmed by the bursary deadline of September 15 (Winter) or June 1 (Summer) to be eligible for UBC bursaries. To make sure you meet this deadline, we strongly recommend that you apply by July 15 for Winter session and March 31 for Summer session bursaries.

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