2014 Masters Internships

An Internship Program provides the mechanism for students to earn academic credit for relevant work experience outside the University. An Internship is essentially a three-way partnership among the student, the agency and the School. The Internship may relate to the student’s thesis research and have the same Faculty Supervisor but it should be a separate "stand alone" project. The primary goal of the Internship Program is to assist students to develop professional skills and capabilities through guided "hands on" experience in a workplace environment while gaining academic credit. Typically an Internship involves the equivalent of one day per week during one term; other agreed upon arrangements are possible. Students have worked with local government planning offices and development firms.

  1. If appropriate, students are encouraged to do one internship during their time at SCARP. A student should have completed one term (4 months) in the master's program before starting an internship.
  2. In exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Master's Program Chair, students can do a maximum of two internships during their time at SCARP. Memos by the student outlining why the second internship is important to their education and from their faculty advisor recommending the second internship must be submitted to the SCARP Office for approval. The second internship must be taken at a different agency than the first.
  3. Each internship course is worth a maximum of three-credits. Two internships courses are worth a maximum of 6 credits.
  4. Students doing MITACS internships receive 3 credits (one internship course). This is included in the maximum number of credits allowed for internships.

For a full description of MAP/MScP internships see PLAN 519A/B. For a full description of MCRP internships see PLAN 527.


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